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February 2, 2018

Why are you doing a juice cleanse?...

You don’t need that!


Truth be told, I have never done a juice cleanse before. I’ve always liked the idea I just could never commit to one. In my everyday doings I eat super healthy, exercise at least twice a day and absolutely love the taste of coffee. I felt by committing to a cleanse I would have serious FOMO, lose my social life and therefore could never bring myself to accept the challenge. Every Sunday I say to myself, “This week you are going to have three proper meals, be a mindful eater and be the best version of you!” Monday rolls around and I miss breakfast and have a coffee instead, find myself grazing and forgetting to appreciate the energy that food provides. Before I know it, Sunday rolls around again.  This week I felt the opportunity was at its greatest; my fiancé was heading away for work and I had no plans for the weekend ahead. “Perfect” I thought, now lets find the perfect juice cleanse.


The second link that popped up was the ‘Healthy Cocktail’.

I really liked the concept of juicing, the cleanse program looked delicious and was easy to follow.

I was looking forward to not having to go grocery shopping, the juices were to be delivered on Wednesday and Saturday and therefore meal preparation would be done for the week. On Sunday night, the button was clicked and the 6 day cleanse had been ordered.


On Monday and Tuesday, I enjoyed my coffees and tried to eat foods that were easy to digest in order to slightly prepare myself for the week ahead. I thought I would continue to drink the same amount of coffee and go cold turkey on the Wednesday. Who wants to give up coffee if they don’t have too?







Wednesday rolled around and against the rules I ran 15 kilometers (Sorry Milly) and swam one kilometer in the ocean baths. I did believe I had the energy reserves from yesterday to support me, right? My commitment to exercise has always been 100% and so putting a 6-day juice cleanse into the mix is definitely going to put a spanner in the works. Watch this space!


Next minute, it’s 8:30 am and a big headache hits me right in the temples. Apparently this is a good sign but it also shows that I am withdrawing from coffee…. Not so good.  In perfect timing, Milly arrives with a box full of clunking jars. She has a huge energetic smile on her face. One that says, “You can do this” and informed me if I needed anything I could contact her.


The day continued as if my head were in the clouds, I felt lightheaded but tried to maintain my cool.  The shift began with a headache that wouldn’t budge so one gram of paracetamol was consumed. I work as a Nurse, so the responsibility of providing patients with optimal care is essential. This was going to be a huge test for me. Especially when the anaesthetist asked if I would like a coffee…. Fortunately my will power kicked in which gave me the strength to say “no”. The shift was a blur, but fortunately the anaesthetist had consumed his double shot piccolo with one sugar and so everything went smoothly. Neither cravings nor hunger pains were noted throughout the day just enthusiasm for home time and a well-earned rest.







I woke up feeling WOW good and WELL rested.

I sipped on the lemon and ginger water which I found extremely potent, so much so I had to sip gently with a straw. I laced my joggers and ran to yoga. I stupidly ran up one of the steepest hills in Newcastle, which never gets easier and today was absolute torture. Lots of mind games were played and eventually I arrived at the yoga studio. Phew! 

I immediately felt calm as I entered the space, which was until I realised I had forgotten my entry fee (I promised I would pay them back). I lay on the mat in reclined butterfly pose. The instructor walked into the room and suggested everyone make their way into reclined butterfly. Was this a coincidence or have I just become in tune with the universe? Yoga was insanely good and I left the studio feeling energized. The instructor called out “Hannah this ones on us”.  I felt as if all the positive goodness I was putting into my body was radiating all these positive vibes. As I walk home I look around and find peace in the chaotic streets, trying not to think, just trying to be.  


I have never been much of a breakfast eater, but on this particular day I needed energy. I couldn’t wait to get home and try the Mylk blends for breakfast. The ‘Mylk blend’ is the most substantial meal of the day. I added it to the blender with ice to make it last throughout the day. My appreciation for the energy that food provides me has expanded to new levels and today I am feeling so appreciative of everything around me.


The next thing on my list was to go and be pampered by my hairdresser before spending 8+ hours at work. I think the most important thing during the cleansing period is to maintain your social life. It’s so important to keep busy, as the routine of just drinking juice can be so bloody boring. It’s amazing how much our lives revolve around food. During work I was knackered and everyone knew it. I sipped juice with crushed ice to keep me awake and get me through the shift. The shift was loooooong which resulted in me not getting to sleep until 11:30pm and I wasn’t happy about it.






After only acquiring six hours of sleep, I felt grumpy and exhausted, not wanting to face the world today.

I trusted in yoga to pull me through. The car engine was turned on and I drove my way to the studio. Yoga was mentally and physically hard this morning. It’s amazing how exhaustion and lack of sleep can alter your mood so much. The smoothie for breakfast really put a spark in my day and gave me the energy to face the world. After 8 hours of work, I made my way home thinking of all the things I could do. Hmmm… Swim? Run? Walk? “Hang on Hannah”, I thought to myself, “What about a bit of rest...What’s that?” In any other period of my life, rest would take a lot of persuading but today it was so easy to lie on the lounge and not feel guilty. Eyes drifting off to sleep, I made the time for my cold pressed juice and fell asleep around 7:30 pm. Day three I am so glad you are over. I am almost half way through and I am so looking forward to the weekend where I don’t have to concentrate.




Saturday! Thank god you’re here.

I woke up this morning feeling super dooper fresh and positive.

Waking up before my alarm is always a bonus as it means I am well rested. I sipped on my lemon ginger water, laced my shoes and made my way to yoga. I felt really energized this morning, which I can definite thank a good nights rest for. Yoga was amazing as per usual and with a positive mind frame I was focused and in the zone. Throughout the day I kept busy and made time to lie in the sun and read. I walked with my Dad and dog in the evening and ended the day with a lemon ginger tea at the local cafe. Home to watch television, a cold pressed juice and bed. Today I’m feeling really content and satisfied with life.






This morning I woke up before my alarm, again. It’s a rarity if I don’t set an alarm, as I hate missing out on the best part of the day. My mantra I follow has always been ‘The early bird catches the worm’.

I found myself at yoga for the fourth morning in a row feeling very grounded and at peace.

This morning was Yin & yang (Heated). I was a hot mess and felt like blacking out twice but held myself together. Craving my breakfast, I walked home grabbing the newspaper on the way. My Sunday ritual is to always read the paper, especially the Body & Soul section. I feel it’s a perfect distraction from social media and keeps me informed. I decided to make my way to the markets where I bought some beautiful looking (not sure of the taste) fruits and vegetables from a gorgeous Greek man. It’s always the simple things in life that make me happy. I then spent the afternoon at the beach, reading the paper and getting some vitamin sea. Today I definitely miss going to a coffee shop and grabbing a coffee and am getting slightly bored with the cold pressed juices. But I am aware of all the goodness this cleanse is providing me with in that good gut = happy brain. Fostering all this goodness has a good calming effect on me.






530am and the alarm rings. No signs of Monday-itis and I’m feeling energized.

The difference in this Monday compared to others is that I feel alert and recharged. My day was constant and busy but I managed to stay focused and on high alert. Driving home from work I sipped on my cold pressed juice as I drove past the beach. Taking in all the beautiful surrounding I felt so content with both the outer and inside world.


My gut was loving life and my brain was loving it right back.

I laced my shoes and went for a run. Stopped off at the gym for a body pump class and then decided to detox a little more with a sauna. I thought I was full of energy but exercise proved it was possible to accumulate more.


Here I sit on my lounge feeling refreshed and calm.

My 6-day juice cleanse is one coconut water away from being complete. Interestingly, right now, there is nothing I am craving. Maybe it’s the exercise or maybe it’s the fact the cleanse has put me in good stead for a healthier and even more brighter year. There are so many great benefits of juicing and it is up to you to take on the challenge and to find out the benefits yourself. 



"I am truly grateful for everything around me and currently feel the best version of myself with a whole new perspective on the energy that we require throughout the day. The challenge may be hard but the outcome is like no other. 

There is only goodness about it."










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