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Juice cleanse programs


Our goal is to empower, inspire and educate, guiding you on a journey to health & healing

To reconnect you to nature and find gratitude in all that it has to offer

To live a sustainable life of optimal health serving both us, you & our environment



Hello Juicy Friends!

Milly the creator, alchemist & master of your healthy cocktails here. If your interested to know a little more about me keep reading, I will share with you my story, my journey & how The Healthy Cocktail came about.


I share my story in hope to inspire you to live life to its full potential & find gratitude in all things, even the challenges as these can be our greatest learnings. 

A few years ago after arriving home from overseas travel I was struck down with a virus which was to change my life. The virus which we later found to be Dengue Virus had such an impact on my body, my organs, my whole system. I was bedridden, feeling weak & depleted on every level - Physically/Emotionally/Energetically, I was very unwell. The days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months & months turned into years, my body was in a state of “dis-ease”. 


With nothing conventional medicine could offer I was forced to dig a little deeper, to find alternatives to bring my body back into balance, get myself better & to heal myself. My healing journey began!


I've since learnt the mind is our most powerful tool. Once you set your intention, deeply focus, anything can be achieved, especially when it comes to healing your body from illness. Other then mind-body medicine which I still find absolutely fascinating I found many other tools that would help me along my journey. 

Chinese Medicine, Yoga, Movement, Breathe, Mindfulness, Plants & Nutrition became my toolbox. I used Food as a source of medicine to sustain me & on a deeper level to heal me. I began juicing/cleansing/fasting & become aware of the power of these 3 things, I discovered they have been apart of our traditional practice for thousands of years to heal us from disease. 


I began mixing up concoctions in my kitchen, with the intention for these foods to bring me life, bring me vitality, then one day I had a moment, a little voice that dropped in & said “something so powerful needs to be shared”. The seed was planted, the ideas, the recipes, it all started to flow & what we now know as The Healthy Cocktail was here!


I sit here years later sharing these same concoctions, helping so many of you gain your health back & guide you on a path to health & happiness. I’m grateful that through my own health challenges I have found something so potent, so powerful, that can reach so many of you. 


I strongly believe in healing ourselves & not giving away our power to something outside of us “to help or fix us”. All of the answers we seek are within, when we truely listen we will receive. Healing is a process that brings a much greater awareness, gratitude for life & the living existence.


I invite you on this journey with me, so we can heal & guide our way through life together. 


Milly @ The Healthy Cocktail


Juice cleanse programs

We are here to ask the question. 

What is in our food & how is our food being produced?


We have dug deep to find the answers & unfortunately discovered that our food industry is a worrying place. The big food industries are producing & selling mass quantities of food just for profit without any consideration of the long-term health implications. 

We are talking chemicals, sprays, antibiotics, hormones, GMO's, refinement & intervention. The food we now eat is no longer food in its natural or raw state.

Due to this mass production we find ourselves in a environmental crisis with a bioaccumulation of toxins & chemicals in our food chain. Industrial processes pollute our air, water & soil with toxic contaminants. Plants (fruit & vegetables) absorb these contaminants. People (us) consume these plants containing contaminants, these contaminants then accumulate & store in our systems.

In addition to this, conventional farming & agriculture permit the use of synthetic herbicides/pesticides/fungicides/artificial fertilisers & consider it a SAFE practice! (*insert shocked face here) These toxic chemicals linger on crops, contaminate the soil & are then consumed once again by us. These toxins accumulate in our body over time causing detrimental effects leading to numerous health conditions.


We are exposed to toxic pollutants on a daily basis, exposure is unavoidable. But why not reduce the risk of exposure at every possible chance? Removing unnecessary chemicals from your daily life can have a dramatic impact on your overall health & wellbeing.


Juice Newcastle

Organic produce is grown in a uncontaminated environment without the use of synthetic chemicals or genetically-modified processes. This is why choosing to eat organic may be the safest and healthiest option for you & your family.


Organic crops are also more kind on the environment and much more sustainable.


We are so passionate about living a chemical-free life and truly believe this is our secret ingredient.


I always feel so supported & inspired by the healthy cocktail programs. I have now completed 2 juice cleanses (summer & spring) both have left me feeling energised, connected, less bloated, clear in my skin & clear in my mind! I have also called upon the Healthy Cocktail team for numerous events, retreats & workshops that we host through our yoga studio here in Newcastle. Everybody loves the combination of chemical-free juices, waters & broths. I would highly recommend the product & the service.


I've been doing intermittent fasting for a few years then started drinking Healthy Cocktail’s, they are all so nutritious & delicious. I’ve tried the juices, detox waters, mylk blends & love them all! For anyone looking to detox or get rid of bloating I highly recommend. The Healthy Cocktail team deliver to your door which means no shopping or cleaning, they are all there ready for you to drink. 


I’ve done The Healthy Cocktail juice cleanses & breakfast packages for a few years & it is so delicious. Such a great professional service - delivery right to your door. It was also so amazing to discover a juice cleanse in glass bottles with a recyclable element! Thank you for being kind to bodies & the planet. 


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