The Healthy Cocktail

is an Online Juice and Smoothie Bar offering natural healing of the mind, body & soul.

A place where everyone & anyone can Cleanse, Nourish & Nurture their way to a Healthier, Happier Self. 


Juice Cleanse Programs & a full range of deliciously tasty liquids. Cold-pressed Juice, Superfood Smoothies, Detox H2O, Broths & Flavoured Mylks.


The Healthy Herbals

is a collaboration of 2 powerful forces, a place where Traditional Chinese Medicine meets Modern Day Cleansing Protocols.

A Liquid Herbal Dispensary to treat an array of symptoms & bring the body back into balance. 

Three & Six day Medicinal Cleanse Programs prescribed by our Traditional Chinese Herbalist (Li Chen), made by us (The Healthy Cocktail) with love & intention.

The Healthy Cocktail - Newcastle NSW - 2022

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