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to have you feeling back to your Healthy Happy Self!

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THE HEALTHY COCKTAIL is an ORGANIC Juice & Smoothie Bar offering NATURAL healing of the Mind, Body & Soul

Our goal is to NOURISH your body right down to a cellular level resulting in complete HOMEOSTASIS


We aim to EMPOWER, INSPIRE, EDUCATE; Guiding you on a journey to health & healing.






Juice Cleanse Programs


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Servicing all areas Newcastle/Lake Macquarie/Hunter Region





ORGANIC produce is grown in an UNCONTAMINATED environment without the use of synthetic chemicals or genetically modified processes being the SAFEST option for YOU & your FAMILY. It is also more KIND on the ENVIRONMENT & much more SUSTAINABLE. We are so passionate about living a chemical free life & believe that this is truly our SECRET INGREDIENT.


So keep on spreading the organic love!


Wow! What an experience! I have never come across such a great cleanse that tasted so good. From the moment I woke up and started this cleanse I knew straight away my body was going to thank me. Every sip from the juices to the mylk blends was pure delicious and nutritious. Thanks to Milly from the Healthy Cocktail, I can’t wait to do another! 



I wasn't too sure how my body would cope with a juice cleanse, I struggled big time! I had the first two days off work, which was lucky as by the end of the first day I couldn't even get out of bed. The next morning I still felt off so I decided to couple the cleanse with a few light meals. I have to say this worked so well for me. I had the best sleep ever and enjoyed the juices so much I was craving them for days after. Overall I probably wouldn't do another cleanse but I am keen to add some more smoothies and juices into my diet. I will definitely be recommending your products to all my friends and family. The service you provide is great and the information was very helpful, Thanks heaps!


Overall I really enjoyed the experience. It was much better than I was expecting. My belly feels less bloated when I eat food, which is great! I’d love to do this cleanse every 2 or 3 months and am even considering a weekly 1 day cleanse.


I loved it, I felt as though I was doing something good for myself again. I felt lighter, not so bloated (even though I had to pee a thousand times) and I was happy :) It was a great experience!


No need to create recipes, plan meals, compile grocery lists or hunt for ingredients and no juice and smoothie preparing because the healthy cocktail does all of this for you. I love the convenience of this cleanse and enjoyed every nutrient dense liquid!




The Healthy cocktail cleanse has been the best choice I could have given my body. I am onto my third consecutive cleanse now and have found my mood has risen, I feel less foggy, I have lost a few kilos, skin is glowing and an overall sense of wellbeing and energy that I was lacking due to stress. I found myself rarely feeling hungry, as the drinks are most satisfying. I can recommend this cleanse to anyone. I am so grateful for this complete service as I am now feeling a much-needed recharge and am definitely reconnected to my health and wellbeing.






THANKYOU to the healthy cocktail team for your inspiration and support! I am excited to have finally found a local organic juice and smoothie bar that I can continue to complete my routine cleanses with into the future… #addicted






The juices were really yummy & I was surprised how filling they were. 1 day into the cleanse I could really feel the energy levels increasing. Anyone thinking about taking the challenge I highly recommend it!






When Milly delivered the goodies to my door I realised I wouldn’t need to cook a meal or go grocery shopping for days. The juices and smoothies tasted so good and the instructions were really easy to follow. The cleanse helped me shift so much emotionally & energetically. After my 3day cleanse I noticed I’d lost weight, my digestion was so much smoother, my skin looked healthier, I felt lighter and it was easier to eat well from then on.  





I would recommend the juice cleanse to anyone looking to kickstart their health journey. I have completed 4 cleanses so far and whether it be a one, two or three day cleanse I always finish feeling refreshed, recharged & motivated. Not only are the juices easy to drink, they are super convenient especially for those living busy lives.